Weighbridge waste Disposal

Commercial waste

Fast & efficient drop off waste disposal

Our brand-new twin weighbridge offers some of the most accurate and efficient commercial disposal for trade and business customers. Simply drive onto the weighbridge and check in via our intercom (at the end of the inbound weighbridge).

Your vehicle will be weighed and registered, and we’ll identify the waste you’re disposing. You then drive where directed to drop-off your waste. Once you’ve unloaded, you exit the site via the outbound weighbridge where your unloaded weight is measured and the cost of disposal is calculated. We can facilitate trailers, small vans and everything else all the way up to HGV lorries.

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The Radical approach

Why use us?

Radical by name, Radical by nature! We truly believe in doing things differently, and making a significant difference in the waste industry. Radical Waste was founded on the idea that there are better ways to manage waste, and that current industry practices lead a lot to be desired.

We understand the importance of reducing waste in both our professional and personal lives, and that the waste we do generate should be dealt with a care and consideration to minimise it’s environmental impact. We strive to minimise our waste to landfill and are constantly enhancing our waste processing to make it more efficient and effective.

Our exceptional growth is not by accident, it’s due to continued innovation and prioritising customer experience. Our award winning management team strive for excellence across the business, and have invested to deliver some of the most advanced facilities in the area.

We have one of the most advanced waste management customer portals, which gives you real-time insights into your waste consumption and a feature rich platform for you to manage all aspects of your waste, for generating usage reports, managing deliveries and collections and billing.

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