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Pollution generated from poor waste management across the world is a global crisis and a plague on our delicate ecosystem. It’s a devastating situation which will continue to decline until something significant happens to change mindsets and implement improvement on a global scale.

That’s a pretty bleak assessment of the current state of things, but it’s something that we think about all the time and strive to offset throughout our business, doing more to process waste in an ethical and sustainable way. We can’t avoid waste completely, but we can make sure that when businesses and consumers discard their waste, we do the best job possible to sort and process the waste that arrives on our site.

Plastic fantastic

Plastic processing

We have some of the most advanced plastic processing facilities in the region, and are able to process plastics from various sources ranging from unsorted plastics to manufacturing defective products and byproducts. All plastic is sorted by type, graded for quality, cleaned (if necessary) and chipped.

When we have sifted and sorted the different plastic types, we granulate into various grades, ready to be processed into reusable plastic materials ready to be reused.

Put your card on the table

Cardboard processing

We process multi-grade paper, cardboard, office paper waste and paper manufacturing and printing waste

Don’t come knocking when then JCB’s Rocking

Aggregate processing

We sort, grade and process approximately 1600 tonnes of rubble and aggregate quarterly.

MEtal processing

 We are a licenced scrap metal trader. We sort, grade and process all metals.

Wood processing

We sort, and process all wood,

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